Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ford Pooh Pooh's Electric Cars, Yet Government Motors Heavily Invested

While Obama and the learned educators in his administration hype the Volt at Government Motors, those in the know are abandoning the electric car. And those billions of dollars of your taxes, that were put into GM to save the unions, will never be recovered. Maybe some of that stimulus money should have been used to modernize and expand our electricity grid rather than improving Murtha's airport or building the "bridge to nowhere".

Obama can get solace from the fact that at least someone wanted a Volt. 281 were sold last month. At that rate, our investment will be recovered in maybe, a trillion years. I picked that number out of the air, just like Obama does his budgets.

By the way, my bet would be on hydrogen.

“Electric is a focus of investment,” Ford CEO William Ford said yesterday at The Wall Street Journal’s ECO:nomics Conference in Santa Barbara. And then he dropped the bombshell:

“We still don’t know what the winning technology is going to be…We’re continuing to invest in hydrogen, we’re continuing to invest in biofuels.”

Ford bluntly reminded us that EVs had been tried before and failed:

“Prior to the Model T, a third of all vehicles in this country were electric… this isn’t a new technology. The reason it died away was the ubiquity of charging. Today, we have the same issue.”

According to a Wall Street Journal report, Ford “has no certainty that an electric grid will be developed that is capable of supporting droves of electric vehicles on the roads.”

Here is a nugget which I would have never dared to put into a speech, and as my victims will attest, I never was shy:

“We’ve made a big bet on electric… but the pace at which that develops, I think anyone who can tell you that is lying.”

Read full article here.

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