Tuesday, March 22, 2011

White House Insider: "Obama Understands None of It"

Excerpt: Regarding Rahm and the election – the mayoral race. I know you already did some work on this – good work. People…not enough people, were really paying attention to what was going on with that race. It was so very clear to those who were paying attention just how forceful the Obama White House, and when I use that term I basically mean to say Valerie Jarrett – how forceful Valerie Jarrett was attempting to remove Rahm from the ballot. Burt Odelson was the attorney who was the main guy, the one who was putting up the strongest legal challenge, right? The same Burt Odelson who is the legal extension for one of Chicago’s most powerful labor unions – #134. He also played a hand in trying to get Obama’s good buddy Alexi elected to Obama’s former Senate seat. I know you covered some of this- but it’s worth repeating here now. Alexi of course is Broadway Bank. The Broadway Bank. A failed bank with ties to the mob. A failed bank that housed Obama’s own campaign financing back in the day. A failed bank that magically had the feds give a pass most recently regarding some very odd accounting practices.

So we have this very politically connected – very labor union connected, attorney attempting to work the system to prevent Rahm Emanuel from even getting on the ballot. Now think about that move. Who did a very similar thing not so long ago to secure an election? Removing opponents from the ballot? Who is already well practiced in that kind of thing? Barack Obama. It is exactly how he won the election in 1996 – he removed opposition from the ballot. Was it any coincidence that the very same thing was being used against Rahm Emanuel? Valerie Jarrett and the unions came after Rahm. Rahm won. They lost. I guarantee you the White House is not sleeping so soundly because of that.

Read full Ulsterman report here.

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