Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Proposition A Bans Union-Only Labor For County Projects - San Diego

It is about time that the people start fighting back against the big unions that increase the cost of public projects significantly. Through exorbitant benefit packages and work rules that are more like "don't work" rules, the unions make it difficult for a company to operate efficiently.

One line in the article "Supporters of PLAs wonder about the true costs, saying the pacts keep projects on time and on budget" reveals the true problem. Unions will picket and slow non-union projects down in any way they can in order to retain their power.

That is why we need Proposition A to spread throughout the country.

The passage of Proposition A, which bans union-only labor agreements for county projects, is now putting unions on the defensive.

"It's pretty clear the voters reject this way of doing business," said Scott Crosby, who heads the Association of Builders and Contractors, a local chapter of non-union builders that led the successful effort for Prop. A.

The passage of Prop. A follows similar bans in Chula Vista and Oceanside.

"I think the vote on Tuesday clearly shows this could go anywhere," said Crosby, who said he has been flooded with calls from groups planning similar initiatives nationwide, including the city of San Diego.

Critics of project labor agreements point to cost. Crosby predicts PLAs will cost the San Diego Unified School District tens of millions of dollars in future projects.

In Oceanside, leaders said non-union bids saved more than $800,000 for an aquatic center and nearly $150,000 for a library renovation.

Read full article "Passage Of Prop. A Puts Unions On Defensive" here.

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