Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Comment on November 2 Election Results

Watched FOX News last evening until 2:00 AM and was satisfied that the Republicans and Tea Party succeeded in taking the first step to stop the bleeding. Hopefully the RINOs received the message loud and clear that the Obama Progressive agenda is abhorrent to the freedom loving citizens of our great Republic.

We all realize that, with the Democrats controlling the Senate and White House, the Republicans will not be able to repeal ObamaCare at this time. It will take until the 2012 elections to retrieve enough clout to get anything substantial done. Perhaps the Bush tax cuts can be extended for all, and some of the spending for ObamaCare can be suspended. If Obama and the Democrats really heard the message last evening, we may be able to pull our country back from the brink of "Socialism".

Personally I was grateful that the voters gave back the House to candidates that believe in the Constitution. I believe Jim DeMint and Marco Rubio will be rising stars in the Republican party. Wins by Reid, Frank, and Boxer were especially disappointing.

It is beyond my understanding why, California, a state in financial collapse greater than Greece, could continue to elect the same party that dug the hole.

Our work as Conservatives is not done, it is just beginning.

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