Thursday, November 4, 2010

Conservatives looking for a 'fighter' for 2012

I too, have been a little lukewarm about the current candidates, even Palin, who is a very good communicator. None of them seem to have honed in on the conservative love of country and free enterprise the way Ronald Reagan did. He was able to energize the people the same way Obama did. The difference was his deference for the truth. Reagan did what he said he would do.

Right now, Chris Christie is the closest the Republicans have. The question is, will he be ready and will he run?

There is a long way to go and who knows who will emerge to fight for our freedom?

Gary Bauer, chairman of American Values and a former GOP presidential candidate himself, says conservatives are looking for somebody who will fight back -- a trait he says has been conspicuous by its absence on the right.

"For decades it seems like the passion and the commitment has been [from politicians] on the left -- and all too often, conservative candidates want to be, first and foremost, gentlemen," Bauer remarks. "I think Chris Christie never crosses a [gentlemanly] line, but he rolls his sleeves up and he's willing to get in there and give it as good as he gets it.

According to Bauer, "a Teddy Roosevelt-kind of candidate" may have a bright future on the conservative scene. "Whichever candidate can capture that sense of being a going to get the nomination for 2012," he predicts.

Bauer believes its going to be a wide-open race when the presidential sweepstakes kick off early next year.

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