Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bobby Jindal: Make Congress part-time

This article in POLITICO by Jennifer Epstein shows that Bobby Jindal has the right idea. When people get to Washington, they become immune from the needs of the non elite. Passing laws that don't apply to them, creating employment benefits for themselves that far exceed what you and I get, and giving away OPM (other people's money) to purchase votes to help in their re-election.

Many years ago I was the campaign treasurer for a mayoral candidate in a small town in NJ. I supported him, not only because he was a Republican with many of the beliefs that I had, but because I didn't think he would do much. His agenda was pretty much the status quo and our town was fairly well run.

Jindal and Mark Twain are right. When Congress is in session, every day costs the taxpayers money. Think of how much each day cost the Nation as they rushed through the $700 billion TARP and the $800 billion Stimulus, not to mention ObamaCare. They are bankrupting our country.

What we need is a dash of "Congressional stalemate" and a cup full of Jindal/Twain isms.

Louisiana Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal wants members of Congress to stay home more often.

“We used to pay farmers not to grow crops, let's pay congressmen to stay out of Washington, D.C.,” Jindal said in an interview with Human Events. “Mark Twain said that our liberty, our wallets were safest when the legislature's not in session.”

Jindal, himself a former congressman, said once elected, many lawmakers become entrenched in Washington and become the very people they once campaigned against.

“Make them part-time, give them term limits,” Jindal said. “Don’t let them become lobbyists. When they have to live under the same rules and laws they pass for the rest of us, maybe you’d see some more common sense coming out of Washington, D.C.”

As the system works today, he said, “you’ve got a permanent governing political class.”

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