Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Why the President should be fired

This article lists a number of reasons to fire Obama in November, but I have reprinted a couple here. The most important reason is the possible appointment of two Supreme Court Justices in his second term. That will change the court for years to come and destroy our Constitution.

President Obama believes that the U.S. Constitution is flawed, and despite his oath to protect and defend it, he has consistently ignored it. Almost immediately after taking office, he assumed power not granted to him by the Constitution. He took control over the auto industry. He picked GM’s board of directors. He cancelled debt owed to bond holders and gave that money to labor unions instead. He, through his people, decided which dealerships would close and which would remain open. Most of those that were closed, not surprisingly, were owned by Republican supporters.

Obama’s vision of the future of America is for the country to fit nicely into global governance (scroll to page 3 and read as much as you can stand) designed by the U.N., and to obey whatever decisions the international community may decide. This vision rejects American exceptionalism, free-market capitalism, property rights, and individual freedom. Obama has made great strides toward this vision during his first term. Should he be re-elected, there is nothing to slow his imposition of this vision on the nation.

This vision alone is sufficient reason to fire the President in November.

During the next four years, the President is likely to appoint two Supreme Court Justices. If Obama is President, the nation will get Justices who share Obama’s world-view. Their view will be the majority on the Supreme Court. Decisions such as the current battle over ObamaCare will automatically go against the Constitution, in favor of the Progressive vision of government control of everything.

Their decisions would guide the nation for a generation or more.

On the other hand, should Obama get fired next November, new Supreme Court Justices would be more likely to respect and support the Constitution. There is no doubt that the Progressive “One Worlders” will continue their fight to gain control of everything. Those who cherish their individual freedom, their property rights, their opportunity to go start a business, must get involved as never before. Without a doubt, the upcoming election in November is the most import election in a lifetime. The future of the United States is at stake.

Whether Obama’s opponent in the election is perfect or not is of little concern. What is important is that he is not Obama, and he will not advance Obama’s views. Tea Parties, 9/12, and property rights groups must activate their memberships and plan now to get as many people as possible to the polls. Labor unions and other Obama supporters are gearing up to win. Those who love and respect the Constitution must do the same.

This President and his administration must be fired!

Read full Canadian Free Press article here.

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