Friday, April 6, 2012

Van Jones group plans American’s “Arab Spring” revolt

I wonder how many of the union rank and file know that their dues are being spent to bring down our capitalist system, and if they do know, how many agree with an American "Arab Spring". It is time that "right to work" laws are adopted throughout the 50 states to free workers from the stranglehold that the radical union leaders have on them.

President Obama wanted Van Jones in his administration. I guess since Jones was forced to resign, Obama assigned him this task to organize the "Occupy" protests, continuing the class warfare that Obama started and believes will get him reelected.

Article by Paul Bedard in The Examiner:
An Egypt-styled “Arab Spring,” which has put radicals in charge of the government, will be launched in the United States this spring with a war on “corporate power, Wall Street greed and the political corruption of the 1 percent,” according to the group headed by former Obama green aide Van Jones.

“They’re really not going to like the 99 percent Spring,” said Rebuild the Dream in an organizing email Friday.

Comparing the collection of protests last year that are symbolized by the 99 percent campaign and Occupy movement, to those of Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr., the group said that “we were all inspired by the protesters of the Arab Spring who stood up to totalitarian governments, and inspired the Occupy movement here in America.”

The plan for now is to hold protest training sessions around the nation next week. Over 900 are scheduled so far.

Once ready, the group and dozens of others, notably and labor unions, will launch the “99 Percent Spring” offensive against government and financial centers.

“We're at a crossroads as a country. In recent years, millions have lost their jobs, homes have been foreclosed, and an unconscionable number of children live in poverty. We have to stand up to the people who caused of all this and confront the rampant greed and deliberate manipulation of our democracy and our economy by a tiny minority in the 1%,” said Caroline Murray, of Rebuild the Dream Innovation Fund, in the organizing email

Read original The Examiner article here.

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