Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Occupy,, SEIU, AFL-CIO, DNC Street Mobs Start Spring Training

Van Jones and the labor unions, many believe with the full support of President Obama, are following the Alinsky playbook, fomenting civil unrest to tear down our Capitalist system in favor of Socialism.

Rejoice, those of you who believe that democracy is about making clear and honest choices. Clear steps toward transparency and accountability may have begun.

All pretenses that the hibernating Occupy movement is a self-sustaining, independent primal scream against – well, no one is really sure – are over. Like it or not, Occupy is now being officially fronted by a coalition of organized, disciplined, well-financed progressive advocacy groups proclaiming themselves The 99% Spring. Their announced goal is to unleash 100,000 enraged activists trained in civil disobedience onto America’s streets. The demonstrators will profess to be non-violent, but will inevitably be flanked by others who are not.

It’s going to be a long, hot summer as these shock troops and their fellow travelers seek to extract a bloody price if they don’t get what they want. The good news is that these organizations and the leftist politicians they support will not be able to disavow the actions of the people they draw into the streets once things turn ugly.

The 99% Spring website features a stunning agitprop video, complete with musical accompaniment by none other than Bruce Springsteen. Take a moment to watch the video to see how skillfully they manipulate imagery and emotions. Joseph Goebbels would be proud. Then look at the long list of supporting organizations and the coordinating messages on each sponsoring organization’s website. Here is a partial tally; can you spot the pattern?, The Ruckus Society, Progressive Democrats of America, International Brotherhood of the Teamsters, Service Employees International Union, United Auto Workers, AFL-CIO, Greenpeace, United Steel Workers, National Education Association, Communications Workers of America, Rainforest Action Network, American Federation of Teachers, American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees.

Every one of these groups has now openly declared class warfare, and they intend to fight this war not at the ballot box, but on the streets.

Why are these special interest groups going all-in? Because they understand that our country is approaching a tipping point. Four more years on our current trajectory and there will be no turning back. When an electoral majority owes its daily bread to the government – and doesn’t care where that bread came from – democracy enters a fiscal death spiral.

If America has any second thoughts about saying a final farewell to its roots as a constitutionally limited republic of strictly enumerated powers, this is our last chance. Unless we radically change course we will be irrevocably committing to a future as a European-style social democracy where equality of outcome trumps liberty, redistribution of wealth replaces private property, and entitlements supplant opportunity. And that is precisely what the Occupiers want.

Read full Forbes article here.

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