Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Obama Stimulus Dollars Funded Soros Empire

This is a fairly extensive report on the extent that George Soros is using Obama and the U.S. Taxpayers to extend his empire and control over the world economy. This report names the organizations that Soros has his tentacles in and their contribution to the progressive movement and their support of Obama. The free flow of billions of taxpayer dollars to these organizations are directly connected to a "fundamental change" of our capitalist society to a socialist government controlled state. Reading through this report explains why a great portion of the American population is completely in the dark as to what is going on. It is a well organized, well financed onslaught on our economy and Constitutional government.

A "fundamental change" in our freedom and way of life will be a reality if Obama is re-elected in November. This is a change you do not want!

Newly recently released tax documents reveal how billionaire “philanthropist” George Soros expanded his U.S.-based empire by using funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, also known as the Obama stimulus. Soros and Obama worked hand-in-glove through the stimulus, which has been called the largest single partisan wealth transfer in American history.

In 2010, tax records show that Soros, a convicted inside trader with extensive knowledge of the American financial system and government policies under Obama, deployed grantees from his Open Society Foundations1 to lobby for and acquire federal contracts for job training, green energy, and community redevelopment programs. By gaining control over those resources, Soros advanced his agenda for “green economics,” open borders, and increased government handouts. In short, he grew his empire, which includes much of the “progressive” movement in the U.S., as the federal government and Obama’s political constituencies grew in power and influence.

This report analyzes George Soros’s grants to organizations in 2010. The records show massive coordination of non-profit networks in the states and nationally. Four powerful organizations and coalitions — The STAR Coalition, The Gamaliel Foundation, the Apollo Alliance, and Green for All — are given detailed scrutiny in this regard, with the involvement of Van Jones getting special mention. Jones is the former Obama “Green Jobs Czar” fired after information about his communist past surfaced through the work of anti-communist blogger Trevor Loudon and then-Fox News personality Glenn Beck. The lobbying power of such efforts ensured that stimulus funds flowed from taxpayers into union coffers and into the hands of other activists who had been instrumental in putting President Obama into office.

This report, “Obama Stimulus Dollars Funded Soros Empire,” includes an analysis of how Soros-funded organizations and networks operate, the strategies used to steer stimulus money to special interest lobbies, and an explanation of how taxpayers were forced to subsidize the “progressive” movement in the U.S. However, only Congress, with its investigative powers, can get to the bottom of how this money was spent and into whose coffers it ultimately ended up.

Make the Road taps into government funding to maximize the flow of taxpayer money to their clients. From their website:

Make the Road by Walking is excited to announce the expansion of our Healthcare Advocacy Services. As a new lead agency with the Department of Health’s Facilitated Enrollment Program, Make the Road’s Health Team is equipped to help complete and submit applications for people eligible for Medicaid and other government health insurance programs for children and adults, as well as guide and support applicants throughout the process. Says new health advocate Josefina Davila, “We are here to ensure that all uninsured, eligible community members have access to affordable health care programs.

Under the Obama administration, funding for such “navigation” of benefits has grown exponentially. In other words, taxpayers are being forced to subsidize organizations that use their resources to radically oppose American sovereignty and the rights of legal voters.

The final autopsy of his influence over the Recovery Act remains to be done. The work, in fact, has barely started.

As economists and others evaluate the effects of the Recovery Act, Congress should examine its political influence and motivations through subsidies for the “progressive” movement funded by Soros. Congress should take a closer look at his 2010 efforts to steer Recovery Act funding to organizations that sow racial, ethnic, and economic discord among Americans, or which hijack public control over government decision-making and place it in the hands of special interests.

Read full report here.

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