Sunday, April 1, 2012

Limbaugh and Tea Party Remain on Top Despite Left Attacks

I firmly believe that the Tea Party is alive and well and will be a major force in the 2012 Presidential and Congressional elections. All of us know that our very freedom is at stake and Obama and the liberal/progressive Democrats must be defeated for our Constitution to survive.

Conservatism: The White House sicced its meanest attack dogs, Media Matters and MSNBC, on Rush Limbaugh. But they couldn't knock him off the air. Their advertising boycott has failed.

Even the Washington Post admits the conservative talk-show giant has survived a monthlong crusade to cow sponsors and stations into dropping Limbaugh over intemperate remarks he made about a coed fan of ObamaCare.

"Stations are standing by him," the Post reported, and "advertisers are trickling back to his program."

Turns out the ad losses were far fewer than liberal Media Matters claimed in a running tally on its website.

In fact, virtually all of Limbaugh's long-term sponsors stuck with the show, in spite of relentless brow-beating by both Media Matters and MSNBC, which also works closely with the White House.

In fact, there is evidence the left's campaign backfired, as Limbaugh's ratings soared and attracted new sponsors. His 20 million listeners stuck by him. Many are members of the Tea Party, fed up with Obama's government overreach. So, indirectly, Limbaugh's survival also reflects the strength of the Tea Party movement.

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