Monday, April 16, 2012

Why America is Devolving Towards Absolute Government Control

Socialists and Communists have, for decades, had one thing in mind for the United States and the world, the creation of a New World Order with the elimination of capitalism and ownership of private property, and total governmental control. The original article in the Canadian Free Press is an eye opener as to the progress that has been made it their pursuit. I have included a few teasers for you here but I recommend that you read the full article.

The relentless encroachment of socialism upon America’s economic, cultural and governmental landscape is like a bad dream to most red-blooded Americans. When society changes it can seem like the ineluctable drift of evolution or chance. But in the case of America’s ongoing continued expansion of government powers, spiking taxes, and shrinking military, it’s all part of a planned elitist push into socialism. And one need not believe in secret conspiracies when contemplating this shift. In fact, for those paying attention, it was all outlined long ago by the Fabian Socialist society, and other groups such as the Frankfurt School, as explained below.

I. Basic Socialism: History & Dogma

Socialism is a European phenomenon, beginning after the French Revolution with writers from Paris and London forming the core. The definition of socialism is: “a centrally planned economy in which the government controls all means of production.”

A. Vladimir Lenin’s ad hoc Socialism

B. Karl Marx’s Vision: Revolution

So Marx’s main interest in writing was to foment revolution, because without the collapse of capitalism, the promised paradise of total government control would never have room to occur. Knowing this, American leftists have long done whatever they could, in small and large ways to help birth the revolution upon American soil.

II. Congressional Record January 10, 1963

On January 10, 1963, Florida US Representative Albert Sydney Herlong, Jr gave a speech outlining what he believed to be the 45 methods communists were using to take over America. Ponder the staggering number of these goals already achieved, much to our mortal damage

III. Frankfurt School

IV. Fabian Society: Slow Conquering Socialism


America is infiltrated by Marxists active so long in undermining our institutions and ideals that socialism is now in our collective DNA. They seek an end to private property, representative democracy and rule of law. But once America has turned over leadership to committed liberals, who will be left to protect the world from takeover by globalists intent on universal tyranny? Unfortunately, the question answers itself.

Read full Canadian Free Press article here.

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