Saturday, February 25, 2012

Obama, The Dependency President

Cindy Simpson, the author of this article is correct. "Obama knows exactly what he's doing." Dependency is the name of the Liberal/Democrat game. The more people dependent on the government, the more votes for those legislators that are willing to spend taxpayer dollars to maintain that dependency. We are now at the tipping point or have already been tipped. The polls are showing some upward movement for Obama. It is incomprehensible for me to imagine that any of those supporting him are actual taxpayers. Well maybe some far left zealots pay taxes (lol).

At the time of our nation's founding, only property owners were given the right to vote. Less than 100 years later, that requirement was eliminated. While we can recognize the need for that change, at the time, taxes were minimal, and government-funded social programs were unheard of. Today, tax law has grown into a 10,000-page "body of social policy" that authorizes the hand of government to grab a large percentage of the income and wealth of half of the country and redistribute it into chosen pockets.

Voting requires no skin in the game. Or proper identification at the polls or the ability to speak English. Apparently even dead people may vote. And while ACORN was at least a little more transparent in its schemes to entice voters, even imaginary ones -- big government, with all of its policies and programs, continually trains voters to keep the big dogs in power.

Do Republicans really believe that a "smaller government" message, no matter how economically sound, will persuade those in the majority who rely on big government to vote a GOP ticket? As pundits argue that GOP candidates should stay away from discussion of social issues, they fail to admit that most of those social issues are being subsidized by the government and are the root cause of our economic woes. According to the same series of charts published by Heritage, 70% of federal spending goes to such programs -- the programs that make up the Dependency Index.

How many voters did the 1,000-plus-page stimulus package buy? How many voters do the promises of ObamaCare and other spending programs lure? I would wager far more voters than the number who understand the disastrous impact of such measures on the economy.

Obama knows exactly what he's doing. He and his Democrat trainers are passing out treats, with leashes attached. And the majority of Americans have learned to heel.

Read the full American Thinker article here.

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