Sunday, February 26, 2012

Gallup Poll: Obama Should be Worried - February 25, 2012

Gallup has released their state-by-state Presidential approval polling. The results do not look good for the President. If you take the simple analysis that any state with a negative rating will go to the Republican, and any state with a positive rating will go to Obama, November promises to be a bloodbath for the incumbent.

If you just add up electoral votes in that manner, you have the Republican winning 323 to 215.
Here is the projected electoral map courtesy of the Washington Examiner:

Now granted, just going by the February state Presidential approval is a dodgy way to project the November elections. For one thing, we don’t know whom Obama’s opponent will be, and the voters may disapprove of him even more than Barack. For another, the campaign hasn’t been run yet. There is also the factor that plenty of Democrats who disapprove of Obama’s performance will still vote for him in November simply because he IS a Democrat.

Still, the above map hints at the problems facing the President. Practically the whole country is down him. He only has islands of support on the West Coast, the Great Lakes, and the Northeast. Everywhere else is solid red.

Should the Obama people be worried? I think so.

Original article posted by Mark B. Lowe here.

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