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It is time to remove the responsibility from the Federal usurpers and return education to the people and the states.

You can read the details of the proposals in the reference at the end of this post.

Under Obama’s Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge (Obamacare for Preschool) the North Carolina lunchbox seizures will be just the beginning. Please read the details below and take a stand against this latest assault on family and freedom.

The appalling report of government agents demanding inspection of preschoolers’ lunch, judging the home packed lunch not adequately nutritious, seizing the contents, and then billing the family for the government imposed mystery meat nuggets has rightly stirred a storm of controversy. American citizens living in what they thought was the “land of the free and the home of the brave” might be tempted to think that this is just an isolated incident and wouldn’t apply to them or that it only deals with lunch. However, after review of the tyrannical requirements and goals of multiple other government programs for young children, the idea from the classic Bachman Turner Overdrive tune “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet” is far more apropos.

Education Liberty Watch has been warning of the dangers to freedom, parental autonomy, academics, and health of programs like quality rating systems (QRIS) (QRIS), Head Start, home visiting, mental health screening, and the preschool Race to the Top (RTT-ELC) for a long time. However, we will focus on Race to the Top because it is the most current and the most comprehensive example of the efforts to consolidate government control over young children in so many interconnected and overarching ways.

The following excerpts are from a summary of the big government nanny-state plans from all of the applicants for the Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge at a recent forum held in Washington, DC and put on by the Early Learning Challenge Collaborative. For the sake of time and space, here are some highlights of the most chillingly freedom robbing initiatives from the nine winners of the $550 million boondoggle (Only winning applications will be discussed for time and space reasons. Text in bold italic font is added emphasis):

1) More Lunch Box Monitoring –

2) Cradle to Grave Data Tracking (Big Brother is Watching) –

3) Imposition of Government Mental Health Curricula Through 3rd Grade –

4) Infant and Young Child Mental Screening –

5) Preschool Standards Aligned with Common Core Standards and or K-3 Standards –

6) Womb to Tomb Services –

7) Mandatory QRIS Participation –

The liberty of future generations depends on our response right now.


1) Urge Congress to stop funding Race to the Top in any form.

2) Urge Congress to significantly defund or eliminate Head Start, which even a Time Magazine editorial [Time to Ax Public Programs That Don't Yield Results] said should be done.

3) Urge Congress to support the Parental Consent Act by Rep. Ron Paul in the House (HR 2769) and Senator Rand Paul (S 1800) that requires informed, opt-in parental consent for any federally funded program that involves mental screening.

3) States should withdraw from the RTT ELC given that the grant money will create lots of expensive, liberty-robbing unfunded mandates in the future

4) Legislatures should consider defunding, dismantling, and privatizing quality rating systems to preserve the autonomy of independent and religious childcare programs, providing conscientious objection clauses to the radical preschool standards, and finding other ways to measure quality other than imposing these standards and curriculum on providers and families.

5) Support family formation and two parent families in welfare and divorce reform.

Read full report here.

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