Sunday, February 5, 2012

DeMint: Republicans Would be ‘Naïve’ to Compromise on Spending

I firmly believe as DeMint does, that we are at the tipping point and that if Obama and the Democrats are elected again, our country, as we know it, will be forever lost. The Obama Democrats do not believe in free enterprise, limited government, individual freedoms or, for that matter, much of the Constitution. Another Obama term and the Supreme Court would be in danger of swinging to the dark side, the side of big government and of politicians' control over our lives.

He added that Democrats are attempting to seize more control for the federal government in Washington, D.C., at the expense of America’s individualistic and entrepreneurial spirit of the past.

“I think Republicans are naïve to think that we can somehow come up with a compromise that actually moves us toward a balanced budget,” DeMint insisted.

He said that every major compromise over the past 10 to 12 years has ended with additional spending, more borrowing and bigger government.

“We need to move things out of Washington because what we’re doing is not working. We can no longer afford it,” acknowledged DeMint. “We’ve got to stop this. And we can’t compromise with the Democrats as long as they want to move the country in the wrong direction.”

DeMint writes in his book that the differences between the parties are irreconcilable.

“I wouldn’t have said that 10 years ago. In fact, when I first came to Congress, just about every bill that I introduced, I had a Democratic co-sponsor,” recalled DeMint. “I’ve seen over several years — particularly in the Senate — that Democrats cannot get elected statewide unless they’ve completely sold out to labor bosses and environmentalists and others who want centrally controlled political and economic power.”

The 2012 election cycle is critical because America stands at the precipice of a tipping point where those receiving benefits from government will soon exceed half of the entire country.

“A dependent voter is a dependable vote for Democrats. The Democrats figured that out a long time ago. And that’s why they continue to expand welfare, food stamps,” according to DeMint.

“That’s why their whole stimulus program was based on supporting government workers at the state level. But the more people are dependent on government, the more likely they are to vote for people who promise more from government. And that’s the Democrat Party. We’re at a point right now where about half of Americans are getting something from government and the other half is paying for it.”

“Republicans have to organize the rest of the nation who believe in freedom and individual liberty and limited government,” he added. “And we’ve got to unite Americans this time. It is a critical election. The book ‘Now or Never’ is a playbook for how every American can get involved and help us turn things around.”

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