Thursday, February 9, 2012

$700,000 Koman Contributions Going To Planned Parenthood. Why?

I agree with their initial decision. Why should they funnel money through Planned Parenthood to ultimately get it to breast screening organizations. Planned Parenthood does not do anything to support the fight against breast cancer. Why not give the money directly to the cancer screeners?

Former Komen employees said the organization and its affiliates had been grappling with complaints in recent years from abortion opponents who threatened to disrupt Komen events and to boycott sponsors because of the financial support given to Planned Parenthood.

Roman Catholic bishops in Ohio called upon their parishioners last summer to boycott running races sponsored by Komen because, in addition to the Planned Parenthood grants, the group gave money for breast cancer research to medical centers doing stem cell research.

The steady drumbeat of criticism from abortion opponents was troubling to senior leaders, including Ms. Brinker, former employees of Komen said.

But Komen’s board members and senior leaders did not anticipate the public outcry over their decision to cut support for Planned Parenthood. The move shocked many longtime supporters, who expressed unhappiness that Komen was bowing to political pressure and that the result might lead to services being cut to low-income women.

Read full NYT article Here.

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