Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Roadmap to Recovery - One View

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  1. Ahhhh....a topic that is close to my heart or rather I would like to stomp down with my foot. Frivilous lawsuits.

    The fact that a lawyer can offer the offended free service with little risk is the problem. I studied the British legal system and I believe if the defendant wins a suit then the plaintiff is responsible for the defendants lawyers fees. I'm not sure if this is exactly how it works however it seems like a good way to make people think before they sue. Can someone confirm if this is true in Britain and if it works...negatives perhaps?

    I would be curious to explore more about that the government proposes (or wanted to propose) for Tort Reform.

    P.S. When I sat on a jury last year I voted for Tort Reform....are you proud of me Pops?

  2. Proud of you. And if the plaintiff had to pay all lawyers fees if they lose and the lawyers had to share in that loss, there would be far fewer lawsuits.