Saturday, July 11, 2009

Biden: Second in Line - What We Should Have Known

The mainstream press, because of its bias, has become a danger to our nation rather than the watchdog it has been in the past. Using its powers to nitpick and denigrate conservative candidates and praise and gloss over liberals' mistakes, the American people no longer vote from an impartial informed point of view.

There are indications that the American public is starting to gravitate away from the "worst of the worst" media organizations and they will suffer the inevitable economic consequences. Hopefully sanity will return and they will again fulfill the role society is clamoring for, an unbiased and vigilant media.

An article by Tim Graham "Reporter: "We Took Sides, Straight and Simple" Against Palin" summarizes White House reporter Carl Cannon's take on the press coverage of the Biden/Palin VP debate.

The list of errors, exagerations, misstatements, and downright fantasy put out by Biden and not reported by the media is alarming and reason to wonder how he could ever have been considered for the number two spot in our nation.

Please read the following article. Press Bias


  1. Hi, David!
    I finally got your blog and put it in my favorites. You have some interesting sites. I would like to get hold of that book on global warming by the Australian. Do you think any of our congressmen would read it...or are they too busy passing bills they haven't read?


  2. Welcome to my site. Even at the G8 summit there was no consensus on global warming and our congress still wants to tax us to death, snd not read the bill.