Wednesday, July 8, 2009

On May 4Th I wrote an opinion about the welfare state creating poverty and subservience to the Federal government, in effect slavery. Columnist Star Parker has written a book entitled "Uncle Sam's Plantation" setting forth basically the same argument.

Star has written an op-ed piece commenting on Obama's socialist proposals. Back on Uncle Sam's Plantation

At the request of the Black Caucus, about a month ago, the Senate passed a resolution apologizing for slavery and racial segregation. the resolution fell short of authorizing monetary reparations for these offenses. In my opinion, these have already been paid through welfare, food stamps, etc.

What the Senate should do is apologize for the effect of the government programs on the poor (read Slaves) and take immediate steps to place stringent job training requirements and timetables on any give away programs and reduce the funding substantially to ensure these requirements are met.

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