Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wisconsin's Gov. Walker takes broad swipe at public employee unions

With State's deficits mounting across the country, newly elected Governors are focusing on the real problems. For years, politicians have caved in to the powerful public employee labor unions, giving away OPM (other peoples money) to satisfy unreasonable demands. Each cycle, contracts became more and more burdensome for the taxpayer until finally, this last election, the public had enough. In many states, conservatives were elected to rein in these unions. Even Democrats, elected in November, are looking for cutbacks in this area, after hearing the message of the voters.

Gov. Walker of Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Legislature is now attacking the public unions head on. Knowing that there would be union unrest, because of safety concerns, police and firemen unions were exempted from the legislation. This, in itself, tells you the coercive effects the powerful unions have on our society. Why should we fear those hired by us to defend our liberties?

Walker needs all the support he can get.

Officials alerted the Wisconsin State Employees Union on Friday that expired collective bargaining agreements would be canceled March 13. State unions have been operating under the terms of their previous contracts, an arrangement that can be terminated with 30 days notice.

The news came on the same day the governor unveiled a budget repair bill that would remove nearly all collective bargaining rights for nearly all public employees in the state and make it easier for employers to fire workers that engage in some form of labor unrest.

To union leaders, and many Democratic lawmakers, the governor's moves represent an all-out effort to end the influence of organized labor in Wisconsin.

Read full Wisconsin State Journal article here.
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