Friday, February 18, 2011

White House Insider: Beware of Issa

How valid this warning is, I do not know. When the Republicans came in, there was a lot of print about the investigations Issa was going to open. Now you don't hear anything. Here's hoping that it is only a matter of time that justice begins to take shape.

Follow Up: Again, you sound defeated. Are you saying Congressman Issa is not going to investigate the White House as promised?

Insider: Yes. Either his office has successfully shut off all leaks indicating otherwise, which as much as I would like to believe, I don’t, or a deal was made between the White House and his office. And that means that the Republican leadership signed off on it as well. Why they would do that I just don’t know. It’s like the Pelosi deal right after the midterms. That woman was gone and then suddenly she was back in. Somebody talked to somebody and she was once again safe and keeping her mouth shut. Whatever promises she made were null and void. For that kind of stuff to go down without people like me being able to know about it????? -Expletive-. That is not supposed to happen.

Question: What should we look for in the coming days and weeks?

Insider: Keep watching Issa. Maybe he’s got us fooled. I sure hope so. There is a current transition process quietly underway for the Geithner departure. Actually a bit of infighting over that. Jarrett wants him out, Daley is a supporter. That bit of info is something entirely new. Was not aware of that. Will be interesting to watch how it plays out between Jarrett and Daley. The war between those two may be an opening for us. As you already know, I have great respect for Bill Daley. Also look for a party scandal to emerge. This is being used to deflect from the White House, so don’t get too excited when it breaks out. Even though it involves Democrats, it is being manufactured to deflect from the White House. That would indicate a member of the party is being sacrificed to protect Obama and/or someone in the administration. Pretty common. Have been involved in those scenarios personally.

Read full White House Insider article here.

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