Sunday, February 20, 2011

Deception and the Unseen Consequences of "Green Jobs"

For those of us that remember "way back" when we had a press that actually performed the job of investigative reporting, lies that were told by our elected officials somehow had a way of coming to the surface and biting them in the rear. Today, with the MSM in bed with the liberal/progressive/left, and full of pretty faces rather than true journalists, it is much harder for the average American to know what to and what not to believe.

Was watching the news the other day and found out that the statements, that Obama made about the proposed budget; that it would, in a few years, bring revenues and spending in sync and everything would be "peaches and cream" thereafter, are somewhat less than true.

The problem was that he forgot to mention that his calculation omitted interest on the $14 billion of debt. This interest, that amounts to hundreds of billions of dollars each year would be added to the debt in a never ending cycle. So much for the "truth" from our elected politicians.

Now we find out that the "Green Jobs" so highly touted by Obama in his State Of The Union address are not what we might expect. It turns out that the majority of the jobs are temporary, ala the stimulus, and he failed to take into account the job losses caused by the diversion of funds. In addition, the increased cost of energy will give the average family less disposable income to buy other things, thus destroying many jobs along the way.

Then there comes the topic of energy self sufficiency that Obama attaches to his green initiative. It turns out that much of the hardware required, will be produced in China. Why you say? Well, cheaper non-unionized labor is one reason, but another more important one, is that China has a near monopoly on certain of the rare earth elements needed for storage batteries, light bulbs, solar cells and magnets in wind turbines. Now we will be at the mercy of one country for our energy needs, China, instead of the 60 or so countries that are now exporting oil to us. A recent article I read put it this way, “Obama’s green power builds China’s red power”.

Are we confident that the government is telling us the whole truth about the “Green Jobs” program’s benefits? Probably not. Is this initiative doing more harm than good to our economy? Most likely.

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