Thursday, February 10, 2011

Blacks And Mexicans - Their Leaders Evade The "Melting Pot"

The article, "Minorities Running From Freedom", starts with the premise that the majority of immigrants learn the English language and the knowledge to gain entry into the "melting pot" that is the US of America. The noted exceptions are Blacks and Mexicans, whose leaders demand special favors, and, therefore, have been unable to assimilate into our society and claim true freedom.

Paraphrasing the author, "I will care about the Mexican cause the day when I pick up my phone and it says "press 2 for Polish, or Korean, or Italian, or German, etc". Obviously that was said "tongue in cheek", but it points out the fact that the politically correct crowd has made an exception for Spanish speaking immigrants, legal and illegal. The effect is the start of multiculturalism here in the US, something England and France as well as other European countries are finding to be the ruin of their sovereignty and identity.

Some people just say they are special. I say, no way. That is not America.

But the other problem is that by marching in the streets and constant complaints THEY create the racism. And they are very foolish. The second issue is that if a country can give you special favors because of your country of origin or your race, it also has the power to take it away any time it wishes and make you a slave. As I said above, there is no true freedom without equality.

Read RNHunter article here.

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