Saturday, February 12, 2011

Energy Independence? Not on Obama’s Watch!

The Obama Administration was recently found in contempt by a District Court Judge in New Orleans over its continuation of the Gulf drilling moratorium after the policy was struck down. By refusing to issue drilling permits, the EPA, in essence, ignored the edict and showed total disregard for the law.

In another recent development, Shell Oil put on hold their exploration in Alaska until 2012. The reason, again, was the failure of the EPA to issue the necessary permits. Because of the short summer months, timing is critical. Because of the delay the EPA has effectively blocked, yet again, another effort to put the US on the road to energy self sufficiency.

This is another case of "what he says" and "what he does". President Obama says he lifted the ban on offshore drilling in the Gulf, but introduced more restrictive regulations that resulted in drilling permits not to be issued. We all know what his objective is, and that is Cap & Tax, total regulation of carbon emissions, total government control of our energy resources and redistribution of wealth, not to the poor, but to his political cronies, Gore, Soros and others.

The current run-up in prices for food can be directly related to the price of energy and the co-opting of a food staple, corn, for foolish energy use. Who does this hurt the most? The poor. When will the poor minorities wake up to the fact that it is the liberal progressive Democrats that are keeping them in bondage and treating them like slaves. They should ask themselves, how many more generations will it take for their children and children's children to wean themselves from the burdensome welfare state? If the Democrats have their way, the answer is never. After all, a vote is a vote.

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