Monday, September 21, 2009

NEA Renamed "National Endowment For Propaganda"

Roger Kimball of "Roger's Rules" discusses Andrew Breitbart's expose' of the week on employees of the NEA working to promote Obama's liberal policies. This may be the next big thing to rock the Obama administration. You decide.

“This is just the beginning.” Who could doubt it? Reading through this transcript, I was struck by two things. One was the aroma of self-intoxication. These bureaucrats and artists and activists are utterly besotted by the contemplation of their own virtue. They know what’s good for the country, and what’s good for you, and they’re willing to devote themselves ceaselessly to making it happening.

The second thing that strikes one about this transcript is the aura of menace that floats just behind the talk of passion, pushing the president’s agenda, connecting with “labor unions, progressive groups,” etc., etc. As Yosi Sargant’s pep talk suggests, these people regard legal obstacles not as boundaries to be observed but as impediments to be overcome by “tactics,” a word that frequently appears in the transcript.

There is a German word for what we are witnessing at the NEA and elsewhere in the Obama adminsitration’s effort to push its agenda. It is Gleichschaltung. It means two things: first, bringing all aspects of life into conformity with a given political line. And second, as a pre-requisite for realizing that goal, the obliteration or at least marginalization of all opposition.

Read the entire article here.

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