Monday, September 7, 2009

Obama's Speech

President Obama's speech was released today. Please read it, a few too many "I's" but overall it is excellent. Text Of Obama's Speech


  1. I read his speech for tomorrow and I am wondering why so many parents are calling schools and telling administrations that their child should not hear this and if it is going to be viewed that their child should be pulled from the room? Not that I am a huge supporter but if he can make a speech like that and change one kid's attitude about his or her education experience then what did it hurt? (Speaking as a teacher of 33 years!) Guess I will take any help I can get to inspire the youth of today.

  2. I agree that anything that gets the students to stay in school and learn is a big plus.

    I don't think many would argue with the speech as is. The problem is trust and the lesson plan set out by the Dept of Ed that promoted Obama personally. This turned many against the whole idea.

    Laura Bush has come out promoting the speech.