Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Is It Good For America?

ERNEST S. CHRISTIAN AND GARY A. ROBBINS wrote this editorial for Investors Business Daily describing what is now and what it could be if we elected those who believe as Ike did, that everything they do in government passes the Ike test: Is It Good For America. An excerpt from the article:

Imagine how good for America it will be when the voters kick out the perpetrators of the mess in Washington — and replace them with a new president who tells the truth and a new Congress made up of citizen-legislators.

The new president and his appointees will come to Washington to serve, not to seek fame and fortune themselves or to make Washington more powerful.

The new members of Congress will work full time attending to the people's business and, having done so, will go back home to live life as their constituents do. Not for them the life of the catered and coddled.

These new public servants will seek to diminish the power of the government offices they hold — in the belief that a smaller, less- complicated and less-intervening government leads to a bigger, stronger, more prosperous and freer America.

Use Ike's Test: Is It Good For America?

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