Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Employee Free Choice Act

Again the Democrats have not learned by past events. Unions have the power to bankrupt our major industries as seen by the recent meltdown of both GM and Chrysler and the steel and textile industries in the past. As evidenced by the SEIU and other unions, intimidation and outright violence are common in their grab for power over both the employer and the members they are supposed to represent. Along come the Democrats with the Employee Free Choice Act that takes away the secret ballot for employees. The only result will be more union shops, more bankruptcies, more jobs shipped overseas and more unemployment. History has proven this fact that Liberals/Progressives tend to ignore. Ayn Rand Center: Smash the Labor Monopolies

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  1. Do you believe the Constitution is the rule of law?
    Do you believe in the original intent of our founding fathers?
    Do you want to reform Congress? If your answer is yes, we have
    to work together to make this happen.