Monday, September 28, 2009

Governmental Waste Of Time - Fish vs Hydroelectric Dams

The subject of dam removal is back on the table thanks to the Obama administration. Four hydroelectric dams on the Snake River in Washington State are subject to demolition if the extreme environmentalists get their way. Thirteen species of salmon are "endangered", according to environmentalists who state the dams must be removed even though the Corps had previously examined dam-breaching in a 2002 study titled “Improving Salmon Passage," which found that dam removal was unnecessary.

“The bottom line on it was that NOAA Fisheries said it wasn’t necessary to breach the dams to recover the (salmon) stock,” Corps of Engineers spokeswoman Nola Leyde said.

In addition, she said, the previous study had concluded that there were “certainties in the problems that it could cause for fish.’

Obama Administration Orders Study on Removing Dams on Snake River to Help Fish

Under Pressure From Republicans, Obama Administration Paying Attention to California Drought

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