Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Scandal #3 For Obama White House…

Chicago politics at its finest. Will Obama end up behind bars like Rod Blagojevich? I think not!

According to the just-published Daily Beast report:
The issue of LightSquared and the OMB’s interest in testimony came to light last week when The Daily Beast reported that Gen. William Shelton, the four-star general in charge of the Air Force Space Command, told House lawmakers in a classified briefing that he felt pressured by the White House to change his testimony on LightSquared. Shelton ultimately rejected the White House suggestions and delivered his own testimony last week.

On Monday, a second witness, Anthony Russo, director of the National Coordination Office for Space-Based Positioning, Navigation, and Timing, told The Daily Beast that he too was asked by the OMB to insert the 90-day timeframe into his testimony before the House Science Committee, but he refused. The hearing originally was scheduled for Aug. 3, then rescheduled for Sept. 8.
What is now clearly evident is the Lightsquared scandal is another example out of many similar occasionswhen the Obama administration has shown itself actively engaged in the very same pay-to-play scenario that landed Barack Obama’s fellow Chicago politician Rod Blagojevich behind bars. And in the case of Lightsquared, it was a backroom deal that put the very security of the United States at risk.

Will Congressional investigators and American voters be willing to forgive Barack Obama for these repeated offenses?

We think not.

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