Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hispanic Univision is currently the fifth-largest network in primetime

What ever happened to the "melting pot" and the requirement for assimilation into our culture that our immigration laws require. This is destroying our society.

Hispanic television is now a large industry in the U.S. In the last year its total audience continued to grow and now rivals non-Hispanic television in many of the nation's largest markets. With 1.9 million viewers, Univision is currently the fifth-largest network in primetime audience in the U.S.. In total viewers, Univision lags behind its English-language counterparts (ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC),though it has closed the gap substantially in recent years. Univision is tapping into a growing market --in February 2011, the number of Hispanic households with TV sets increased 3.1% from the previous year. During the 2010-2011 television season, Univision was the only major U.S. television network to grow its average primetime audience among 18-49 year olds - they achieved 8% growth from the season before. For the same demographic group, among the English-language networks, Fox lost 4%, CBS lost 8%, ABC lost 9% and NBC lost 14% over the same period.

Read full Pew Research Center article here.

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