Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bilderbergers Skew Debates And Select The Candidates

The New World Order people, the Bilderbergers, have their hands in all facets of our electoral process. This article attempts to alert us to the possibility that the questioning at the Republican debates, is designed to eliminate certain candidates and provide talking points for Obama in his re-election bid.

Who would have thunk?

Within the GOP and amongst conservatives, there have been questions regarding how the GOP debates have been conducted. Many are concerned about the types of questions being asked by the moderators of the debates. There are also concerns that some of the candidates are not being given the same opportunities to present their views as the two ‘front runners.’ It is time to realize how the Bilderbergers are orchestrating the debates and the media coverage in attempting to control the outcome of the Presidential election of 2012 in much the way they have in past elections, both here and throughout the world.

Don’t we need to begin with their end in mind and work towards our present day? The Bilderbergers (and members of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission) are elitist, velvet thugs, who see themselves as the ‘house’ in the big casino of the American electoral system. To that end, they have infiltrated both major parties. Additionally, all media outlets are members of this band of gutless, unenlightened despots. They may not wear hooded sheets and burn crosses, but the fact that they are so secretive exposes them as conniving carpetbaggers and scalawags.

Their number one goal is to have our Agitator-in-Chief re-elected as President in 2012, but they are also pragmatic. Should he become vulnerable because our horrendous economy continues moribund, they have people in the bullpen within both parties to take up the cause, even if they haven’t declared their intention to run for President.

Their line-up within the GOP includes Romney, Perry, Huntsman, and possibly, Cain. They may not be full members, but they rub shoulders with those who are. Obviously, in following the money and media exposure, Romney and Perry are their ‘puppets-of-choice’ if Obama is unable to retain the crown of the office of the President. The reason why Romney feels he can arrogantly defend the indefensible ObamneyCare and Perry defends indefensible borders and placing illegal students ahead of students who are American citizens is that they are not accountable to the American citizen/voter.

Read full Canada Free Press article here.

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