Monday, September 5, 2011

Wall Street Insight Into President Obama - Ulsterman Part 2

Excerpt: Ulsterman: So by calling President Obama incompetent – you must not hold his individual abilities in very high regard. Correct?

Wall Street: I respectfully disagree with…(pause) I believe President Obama lacks an understanding of economic fundamentals. As other previous presidents have as well, mind you. The critical difference is that those other presidents surrounded themselves with staff who did understand those fundamentals. President Obama has…he has not done so.

Ulsterman: Is that why you believe Obama – President Obama, is that why you believe he tuned out during that roundtable meeting? He was unable to understand the subject matter? Or perhaps it’s something else? Perhaps the president is purposely acting against those economic fundamentals you’re speaking of? Could that be a possibility?

Wall Street: Purposely – what do you mean purposely? Are you implying a belief that President Obama is deliberately attempting to cripple the American economy?

Ulsterman: I’m putting that out there, yes. As a potential scenario we can discuss.

Wall Street: No. That is, that is…poppycock. That’s silly conspiracy nonsense. How would a president who hopes to be re-elected expect to succeed if they were purposely harming the economy? One and one do not make three.

Ulsterman: Ok then – get back to reasons why the president tuned out during that meeting. Why he had Valerie Jarrett speak for him. Incompetence alone doesn’t explain that.

Wall Street: Oh, I think it does. President Obama doesn’t appear to really care…he doesn’t want to learn about the subject at hand. Our mutual acquaintance has said much the same, correct? That if it doesn’t directly involve him, the president’s attention span…suffers greatly.

Ulsterman: So at that meeting, President Obama was bored? That’s your explanation?

Wall Street: Sure-sure.

Read part 2 of interview here.

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