Friday, July 1, 2011

Rep. Thaddeus McCotter, Republican Candidate for President - Who Is He?

Excerpt: Michigan Republican Thaddeus McCotter will announce the launch of his presidential campaign July 2.

USA Today reported late Thursday that the five term congressman, soon to be the third sitting House member to announce in 2012, will launch his campaign from his home state of Michigan Saturday.

The lawyer and skilled guitar player told The DC’s Alex Pappas in mid-June that his would not be a vanity campaign but one with a singular goal, victory.

“If I run, I would be in to win,” he said.

With McCotter being a frequent guest on Fox News’ popular 3 a.m. show Red Eye, host Greg Gutfeld was one of the first commentators to float the idea of a McCotter presidency, back in April.

“In my mind [McCotter] is one of the few pols who seem less interested in impressing celebrities or making cheap points of sentimentality than preserving the freedoms unique to our delightful island nation,” said Gutfeld.

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