Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Job Killing Government Regulations

There is an article in one of the major Washington newspapers today citing a poll that shows Obama's job approval rating dropping among blacks and liberals. It also shows that the Republicans in Congress are even worse off. The theme seems to be that those in Washington are "dithering" away at the debt ceiling while millions of people are out of work, unable to pay their mortgages or feed their children properly. They believe, and rightly so, that the emphasis should be on jobs, jobs, jobs.

Unfortunately, there is a belief among many that all the government has to do is wave a magic wand or pass another 2000 page bill, and jobs will materialize out of thin air. What many do not realize is that those bills give birth to multitudinous, business stifling, regulations and that "Government is the problem".

Jobs are not easy to create, but are easy to destroy. The hundreds of regulations coming out of Obama's administrative branch daily, especially from the EPA, are making it more and more difficult to start or maintain a business. Money that use to be targeted for expansion and the creation of jobs, is now being used to file paperwork, hire lawyers and set up computer systems to monitor anything the the EPA and the government thinks needs to be monitored. This silliness is exemplified by the number of young people's lemonade stands that have been shut down for failure to abide by the FDA edicts. We need to elect people who will work to eliminate as much government as possible and return it to its Constitutional boundaries.

David Light
Pawleys Island, SC

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