Saturday, July 2, 2011

God Bless America - Observations

Received an email today directing me to an article on a blog site that discussed the origin of the song "God Bless America". In 1940, Irving Berlin and Kate Smith, patriots that they were, dedicated all proceeds from the song to the Boy Scouts of America.

There was also a clip from the movie "You're In The Army Now" with Kate Smith singing "God Bless America" on the radio while our soldiers were in harms way. Our emotions ran high as my wife and I listened and remembered back to our younger years.

It made me wonder how many of our children and children's children feel the same way we do about God and Country.

We live in a different world from when we were young. Progressives have infiltrated the base of our American society and have systematically eroded the core values of our founding fathers. The Constitution is a living document to be interpreted any way the liberal establishment wants. God and religion no longer have a place in our schools and government and are looked down upon by many as irrelevant. Much of the population believes that they are "entitled" to the fruits of others' labor. Those in power enact burdensome legislation while exempting themselves from their effect. Laws, such as those relating to immigration and voter intimidation, are selectively enforced to affect political goals.

Where has all this gotten us?

Billions of dollars have been spent since the formation of the Department of Education and we are falling further and further behind other countries in teaching our children.

Our economy is on the ropes because of overspending on "entitlements" and government programs that encouraged, and still encourage, home mortgages that people can ill afford. We have a welfare system that has succeeded in creating millions of single parent homes and doomed generations to poverty. Our elected leaders, Clinton, Sanford, Spitzer, Ensign, Schwarzenegger, and Weiner, just to name a few, have failed to exhibit the high standards we should demand of our government officials.

Our unofficial open borders policy has cheapened the prize that was once citizenship in the United States of America. Many of those that illegally flood over our border to the South refuse to learn the language and assimilate into the culture and, in the process, become a drain on the American economy. Illegal drugs have become necessities for many Americans and have enriched and strengthened the drug cartels in Mexico and other South American countries to an extent that violence runs rampant near our border and is steadily creeping Northward.

Violent teen mobs are running rampant in Chicago, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Atlanta and Las Vegas, bikers rioted in Myrtle Beach, copper tubing is being stolen from church air conditioners in Florida and union demonstrators are trashing the statehouse in Wisconsin. Civility and the rule of law are a thing of the past.

Marginalization of religion and the family, growing dependency on government and governmental control of every facet of our lives is not working. We need to rediscover what our founding fathers created, a Judeo-Christian nation with limited government and a citizenry that is free to achieve its destiny.

God Bless America!

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