Monday, May 2, 2011

U.S. Attorney says Justice Department will challenge Missouri anti-Sharia law

Many people fail to recognize what Islam really is. the Quran is not only a religion but also a constitution and set of laws that would replace our nation's foundation if adopted. Sharia is a creeping menace to our legal system and especially to women's rights.

No state would be contemplating anti-Sharia laws were it not for Sharia's political and supremacist aspects, and its elements that are at variance with Constitutional freedoms -- notably, its denial of the freedom of speech and the freedom of conscience, and of equality of rights for women and non-Muslims. But it is doubtful in the extreme that the Obama Justice Department will give the anti-Sharia side a fair hearing. It will rule that such laws violate religious freedom, without considering Sharia's political aspects in any way.

​U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri Richard Callahan visited the Islamic Foundation of Greater St. Louis last night to address the fears and frustrations of Muslim Americans who worry they are being racially profiled and wiretapped -- and to assure them that the Missouri Legislature's attempts to ban Sharia law from being considered in state courts here could face Constitutional challenges.

"There is a worse kind of Muslim hatred recently," said Adil Imdad, one of the event's organizers. "Especially in the last two years, Islamophobia and fear-mongering have been spreading like wildfire, and it's causing a lot of stress for our youth."

Funny thing, Imdad: jihad terrorism and Islamic supremacism are causing non-Muslim Americans a lot of stress.

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