Friday, May 27, 2011

MN voters back voter-ID amendment 76/18 - Blocked By Governor

The average American citizen needs a valid ID for many reasons, driving a car, getting on an airplane, opening a bank account and many others. Liberal Democrats who have no problems passing laws requiring ID's for their pet projects, are livid when it comes to ID's for voting. As this article states, photo ID's would make it more difficult to rig elections and make those Obama community organizers work harder to get him re-elected.

Governor Mark Dayton vetoed the voter ID bill saying it lacked “broad legislative bipartisan” support. …

According to our exclusive new SurveyUSA poll, 76% of Minnesotans say they’d vote in favor of voter ID. Only 18% oppose the idea.

Well, a 76% support level is hardly bipartisan, is it? Why, it’s only the crazed Tea Party wingnuts that really support voter ID requirements, right? Not exactly. Let’s take a look at the internals, shall we?

Age demographics – The lowest level of support in age groups comes from seniors, who back voter ID 69/23. The best support comes, surprisingly, from the youngest voters (18-34YOs) at 82/12.
Party affiliation – Yes, 92% of Republicans support voter ID. So do 76% of independents … and 59% of those wingnutty Democrats in Minnesota, too. Among Tea Party “members,” voter ID enjoys 93% support. And for those who don’t identify with the Tea Party, support plummets all the way to … 74%. Along ideological lines, liberals were least likely to support it — at 67%, the second-lowest level of support among all demographics.

Education – Surely, support must be coming from the mouthbreathers, right? High-school graduates give a 79% level of support, almost the same as the 78% among those with some college education. Those with degrees are a little more discerning … at 75%.

Income level – It won’t be much of a surprise to know that those making six figures support voter ID 73/25. It will be a surprise to Dayton to find that those making less than $50K per year support it even more, 78/14.

Region – Like all of the other demographics, there isn’t much difference between the Twin Cities demo (76/19) and the rural area of western Minnesota (81/15). In each region, support is at 75% or higher.

Dayton may think that voter ID doesn’t have broad bipartisan support, but that’s because Dayton doesn’t get out of the mansion much. All he knows is what he hears from the entrenched DFL party machine, which fears voter ID as an end to their opportunities to manipulate elections. After years of Election Day shenanigans, even two-thirds of self-described liberals have had enough.

Read full Hot Air article here.

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