Monday, May 2, 2011

Obama's Super-Secret Presidency - Sly As A Fox?

All rhetoric, no substance. That is the way many people see Obama. Looking at his far left appointments, his background as a community organizer, his association with ACORN and SEIU, and his association with the Rev. Wright and William Ayers, one wonders whether he is the proverbial "fox in the hen house". He shows very little of the intelligence we have been told he possesses. Since our electorate is considered center right, Obama may realize he cannot engage in a full frontal attack on our nations constitution and has decided to chip away at our freedoms while not revealing any real solutions to the problems at hand.

Sly as a fox? Just a thought!

Nothing displayed Barack Obama’s Achilles’ heel better than the presentation of his birth certificate last week.

Geez. Was that so tough? I thought.

It’s not possible to overstate the lengths to which O’s administration and campaign apparatus go in order to keep secrets from the press and the American people and themselves.

In doing so, they have only succeeded in fooling the last on the list, at enormous cost to the rest of us.

After three years of demonizing, birtherizing and moralizing, Obama finally did what he ought to have done a long time ago. He replaced rhetoric with action and released a document that we all have to show at some time or another in our life to get a passport or a driver’s license or enter the military.

Being president isn’t a birthright for a favorite son; it’s a privilege.

Documentation comes with the job.

No fooling.

It doesn’t matter that others will still think the certificate is a phony. What matters is that after a delay of three years regarding an ordinary document request, Obama, just as he has on so many occasions, delayed past the point of credibility.

But the birth certificate faux pas is not the worst of our president’s credibility problems.

Because Obama has a number of secrets that are much, much more damaging, especially so because these are secrets that he seems to be keeping from himself.

Let’s take, for example, his secret war in Libya.

Or his secret plan to end our dependence on foreign oil.

Or his secret plan to pay down America’s national debt.

Or his secret plan to create jobs.

Putting aside the secret questions raised about his identity, his religion and his ideology, supporters would be hard pressed to explain Obama’s plans in any of the policy areas from energy to war to finance.

Those are the secrets that the American people are most interested in. They are the secrets they are most confused about too.

In several well-publicized speeches Obama has tried to explain to the rest of us his plans in these areas of policy.

But they still remain a secret, even I suppose to him.

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