Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Real 'Change' Begins With Education

I saw a segment on FOX yesterday about a children's book being put out by the Tea Party, with the intent of teaching our young about the Constitution, our founding fathers, freedom and liberty. With the progressive mentality so ingrained in our educational institutions, a children's book is a start, but we need a fundamental change from the current "top down" Department of Education edicts to local control of our schools.

With local control of our education system, it wourl be impossible for any central figure to indoctrinate our children on a national scale.

Dr. Thomas Sowell, in "Dismantling America," said in reference to President Obama:

"That such an administration could be elected in the first place, headed by a man whose only qualifications to be president of the United States at a dangerous time in the history of the world were rhetoric, style and symbolism — and whose animus against the values and institutions of America had been demonstrated repeatedly over a period of decades beforehand — speaks volumes about the inadequacies of our educational system and the degeneration of our culture."

Obama is by no means unique; his characteristics are shared by other Americans, but what is unique is that no other time in our history would such a person been elected president.

That says a lot about the degeneration of our culture, values, thinking abilities and acceptance of what's no less than tyranny.

As Sowell says, "Barack Obama is unlike any other President of the United States in having come from a background of decades of associations and alliances with people who resent this country and its people."

Fighting government intrusion into our lives is becoming increasingly difficult for at least two reasons.

The first reason is that educators at the primary, secondary and university levels have been successful in teaching our youngsters to despise the values of our Constitution and the founders of our nation — "those dead, old, racist white men."

Their success in that arena might explain why educators have been unable to get our youngsters to read, write and compute on a level comparable with other developed nations; they are too busy proselytizing students.

The second reason is we've become a nation of thieves, accustomed to living at the expense of one another and to accommodate that we're obliged to support tyrannical and overreaching government.

Adolf Hitler had it right when he said, "How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don't think."

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