Friday, December 10, 2010

Cancun Is Hosting The U.N. Conference On Man-made Climate Change — Amid Record Cold Temperatures

Last February, the Commerce Department had to cancel their announcement on global warming in Washington D.C. due to a record snowfall. I guess the "Gore" enthusiasts thought they had a sure thing when they went to Cancun for their summit.

Since the rise in temperature has flat-lined in the face of increasing CO2, maybe, just maybe, the prior rise is just a normal cyclical phenomenon or a common reaction to sunspots. After all, even the most zealous fanatics have changed their terminology from "Global Warming" to "Climate Change". Wonder what they called it during the "Medieval Warm Period" or the "Little Ice Ages" that man has experienced.

For many zealots, it is all about stemming population growth to save the environment, but for those like Gore, it is all about $$$$$$$.

The irony: As negotiators from nearly 200 countries met in Cancun to strategize ways to keep the planet from getting hotter, the temperature in the seaside Mexican city plunged to a 100-year record low of 54° F.

Climate-change skeptics are gleefully calling Cancun's weather the latest example of the "Gore Effect" — a plunge in temperature they say occurs wherever former Vice President Al Gore, now a Nobel Prize-winning environmental activist, makes a speech about the climate. Although Gore is not scheduled to speak in Cancun, "it could be that the Gore Effect has announced his secret arrival," jokes former NASA scientist Roy W. Spencer.

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