Thursday, December 2, 2010

2 House ethics attorneys suspended

It appears that Maxine Waters is hoping the reason for the suspensions is leaks to the press. Time will tell whether it is leaks or, what this article indicates, that there is more to Maxine than the "Democrat powers that be" want to investigate.

Two former federal prosecutors who were suspended from the House ethics committee -- both of whom previously worked for Republican appointed judges -- reportedly kept probing allegations against Rep. Maxine Waters even after the subcommittee recommended the California Democrat be tried for ethics violations.

Cindy Morgan Kim and Stacy Sovereign apparently ruffled feathers by continuing to investigate Waters after the investigative subcommittee made its recommendations in August, several Republican sources on Capitol Hill told the Washington Post.

"They were pushing too hard" to broaden the investigation, one Republican staff aide told the newspaper. Kim and Sovereign circulated a memo supporting the postponement of the trial and imploring the committee to investigate further, the source said.

Kim and Sovereign were placed on administrative leave on Nov. 19, the same day that the panel announced the Waters trial had been delayed.
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