Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Victims of Obamacare - Coverage For The "Young" At Risk

This is what you get when you have a President and administration that has no experience in business and who listen to academics and their failed policy schemes to manage the economy. Thinking you can add coverage without increasing cost is absolute stupidity.

Coverage of 26 year old "children" on parent's policies is expensive for an insurance company and must be adjusted in the rates. When I went to college, there was a relatively inexpensive policy offered by the university. Basically, I was on my own insurance wise. I guess this change is to cover those "children" who don't want to work until 4 years out of college or until the unconstitutional "mandatory" coverage takes effect.

Now In this example, even the Democrat base, the SEIU employees are being affected.

The President cares not for our capitalistic system that has flourished with profit as the main motivation. He believes all profits belong to the government and investors, all of which he considers "rich" do not deserve the fruits of their labors, even though many of those investments are in retirement plans of non-union retirees.

It's time for America's youth to buckle up and take a rough ride on Reality Highway. For the past two years, President Obama has promised our children the moon, stars, rainbows, unicorns and universal health care for all. But the White House Santa's cradle-to-grave entitlement mandates are a spectacularly predictable bust.

Don't take it from me. Take it from Obamacare's own biggest cheerleaders.

Late last month, the Service Employees International Union informed dues-paying members of its behemoth 1199 affiliate in New York that it was dropping its health care coverage for children. That's right. A radical leftist union, not an evil Republican corporation, is abandoning the young 'uns to cut costs.

More than 30,000 low-wage families will be affected, according to The Wall Street Journal. Who's to blame? SEIU 1199 benefits manager Mitra Behroozi singled out oppressive new state and federal regulations, including the much-ballyhooed Obamacare rule forcing insurers to cover dependents well into their 20s.

How far we've come from the halcyon moment when President Obama rallied young college students at George Mason University in Virginia in March. To wild applause, he pledged: "If you buy a new plan, there won't be lifetime or restrictive annual limits on the amount of care you receive from your insurance companies. (Applause.) And by the way, to all the young people here today, starting this year if you don't have insurance, all new plans will allow you to stay on your parents' plan until you are 26 years old. (Applause.)"

Cue bitter laughter here. As I reported two weeks ago, more than 111 unions (including two SEIU affiliates), companies and insurers have now secured federal waivers to escape the first provision Obama mentioned to the George Mason University students. And more financially strapped union affiliates like SEIU 1199 will undoubtedly be canceling children's coverage to escape the costs tied to Obama's second vow.

For the kiddie human shields who helped the Democrats dig their own ditch, reality bites. Live and learn.

Read full Michelle Malkin article here.

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