Thursday, August 2, 2012

Don’t blame Barack Obama blame his upbringing and his friends

According to the polls, the President’s likeability rating is at 54%. But don’t let that rating fool you. Many people are concerned that his innate beliefs are not consistent with those of a majority of our citizens and are even in direct contrast to those of our founding fathers.
We still do not know where President Obama was born, but we do know something about his parents. His mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, attended Mercer Island High School in Washington, a school specifically chosen by her parents. The one thing that stood out about the school was the number of Communists associated with it. Later, she also attended “The Little Red Church on the Hill”. The church President had been an admitted Communist.
His father, through his writings, endorsed the socialist cause, and once wrote that the government had the power to tax all its citizens 100%. Since his father spent little time with the family, Obama’s father figure and mentor was Frank Marshall Davis, who was a Communist sympathizer, if not a member, and who infiltrated the Honolulu NAACP for the purpose of converting it to a Stalinist front. In “Dreams of My Father”, he credits Frank as being a decisive Influence in helping him find his identity.
Later, after relocating to Chicago, his relationships became more interesting: 
Reverend Jeremiah Wright – Obama’s anti American pastor,
Tony Rezko – campaign bundler, and Obama’s real estate good fairy, now serving 10 1/2 years for “kickbacks” conviction. Bill Ayers – member of the “Weather Underground”. 
David Axelrod – Obama’s top advisor and campaign manager, had far left mentors such as Don Rose and David Cantor both with heavy ties to the Communist party.
Valarie Jarrett – Obama’s closest aide and some say she is the power behind the Presidency, was the daughter-in-law of Vernon Jarrett who had heavy ties to the Communist party in Chicago back in the 1940’s. 
During his campaign back in 2008, Barack Obama said that he wanted to “fundamentally transform America”; to what, nobody knew. Now that we have seen 3 ½ years of the change he believes in, we now know that it is not an improved America, but the utopian socialist model that Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Mao enhanced to enslave a good portion of the world’s population. Obama may not be a Communist, but his policies are light-years away from the Constitutional Republic that our founders so painstakingly designed to protect individual freedom and liberty. 
After giving it some thought, maybe we should blame Obama. After all, somewhere in his life, he had to choose which road he would travel. 
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