Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How Mitt Romney Mentally Castrated The Obama Campaign

The full report is an interesting read, going into the inter-workings of the Obama campaign.
Excerpt:  WHI:  All that internal polling – the swing states.  What I was just telling you about…there was one in particular that came out very strong for Romney.  Huge numbers.  Had to have shocked the Romney team a bit – maybe an outlier.  A glitch.  We are talking
in the neighborhood of a ten point walk over Obama.  Ten points in a so-called swing state?  Independents were like 60-40 favoring Romney.  Women came out just ahead for Romney.   Hispanics split almost 50-50.  And even the Blacks polled were just under 80 for Obama – which we have not seen in any poll since 2007.  Ever.
So this kind of data comes into the campaign, right?  They give it a look-over…decide it has to be….somethin’ off.  A mistake in the poll.  Those numbers are just too favorable to Romney.  He’s doing well but these internals are saying he is OWNING Obama in this state – a state that went for Obama back in ’08.  Now normally you take that kind of poll with a big grain a salt…and you…you move on.  Come back to it later.  Got sh-t to do, right?
Not these Romney boys.  They order up a new poll.  Like…it’s within 48 hours.  Do it again they say.  Do it right.  Increase the group.  Poll more voters.  Cross check the data and cross check it again.  Be god-amn thorough this time.
Now that costs money – but that’s the kind of money…that’s how they are doin’ their spending.  Smart.  Focused.  No waste.  They want facts.  They want real results….like a business…like a well run business.  That has been the Romney campaign so far.  When mistakes are made they quickly react…they refocus…they move on.  Just like a business.
UM:  The second poll – so they ran another poll? From a larger sample group?
WHI:  Right – exactly.  Spent a bit more money – they want to know EXACTLY where they are in this state.  If they take this state early on Election Night – that could be it for Obama.  One and done.  It’s a swing state you see…but Romney ain’t supposed to win it.  So yeah – they order up a second poll.  Get the group to do it fast – that takes more money.  But they spend it – willing to spend it to be certain of getting real information.  That’s how it’s done – I respect that.  Love a team that works like that.  Let me know where we are at – where we really sit with these people…then let me take it from there.  Get the f-ck outta my way and let me take it from there.
UM:  And what did that second poll show?
WHI:  (Both hands slap down onto their knees and WHI leans well forward in their seat.  Their eyes widened and that BIG smile broke out across their face again)
…Pure gold man.  That second poll…sh-t…it came out even better for Romney.  It bumped him another two points overall…picked up among women…more Independents…even a percentage among Democrats as a whole.  And that poll was done right – it was the real deal.  We ain’t talking some CNN/ABC/CBS/NBC/Gallup  bullsh-t here.  It was boots on the ground, diggin’ in the dirt…the real deal data that is the lifeblood of a campaign.  And it came back aces for Mitt Romney.  In a state he ain’t supposed to be winning!
Read full Ulsterman report here.

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