Sunday, July 1, 2012

Obamacare ruling – conservatives should rejoice

Wrote this article today for

 Excerpt: What are the results of this decision?

 • The Obama administration and liberals across the nation are praising Roberts and the Court for their bipartisan ruling. • Voting 9 – 0, the Court struck down the administration’s contention that the Federal Government can make you buy anything, citing the “commerce clause”.

 • Voting 9 – 0, the Court ruled that the bill was unconstitutional under the “necessary and proper” clause.

 • Voting 7 – 2, the Court struck down the penalties for states that elect not to expand Medicaid.

 • By redefining the “penalty” as a tax, the Democrats will be forced, during a Presidential election year, to defend one of the largest tax increases in the nation’s history, one that will be borne mainly by the lower and middle class taxpayers.

 • By redefining Obamacare funding as a tax, it is a budgetary item, requiring only a simple majority in the Senate for its repeal.

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