Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Oh, No You Can’t: Kids Deprived Voucher-Supported Education Obama’s Kids Enjoy

I've written about the DC school voucher system a few times, but it still amazed me as to why Afro-Americans still support Obama and the Democrats. It is obvious, from this one example, that they care nothing about educating the children. All they care about is supporting the teachers unions and retaining their votes. Obviously, they feel that if they keep poor people in poor schools the people will never shed the bonds of government, thus perpetuating the vote for Democrats. The voucher system in DC has been proven to work and is very popular among minorities. The poor should wise up and vote for those who truly want to make the American Dream available to them. This program should be funded and expanded, something Republicans have been trying to pass for years. Read about it here.

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