Friday, November 6, 2009

TV Programming

An article by Brent Bozell A Stomachache for Our Sponsor reminds me of a small irritation created by TV producers/directors/writers in their almost daily skits promoting a political ideology which is almost always the far left agenda. This brings to mind a recent episode of Law & Order where the prosecution of President Bush was being espoused.

Sponsors have a right to know what their money is to promote and, if they want their product to appeal to the masses, then the programming should fit that end. People also have the right to change channels if a particular program is offensive, sexually, politically or for any other reason, as I have done with Law & Order which, to me, has become politically offensive.

If more people used the remote to vote for programs that do not cross the sexual and political lines, then the sponsors would have to be more selective in their programming choices.

This is not censorship, it is just a way of telling Hollywood that we don't want to be bombarded with a political speech every time we want to watch a good sitcom or crime program.

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