Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Goodies for labor tucked away in health bill

The health care bills being considered have benefits to labor unions that have nothing to do with health care or reduction of health care costs and that are funneling taxpayer dollars directly to the union coffers.

$10 billion of taxpayer money to bail out the union's mismanaged retirees' pension fund.

Guarantees seats at the table for unions to recommend health care policy..

Excludes non-union employers from eligibility to work on program funded contracts effectively creating coerced unionism on these employers.

Exempts union "Cadillac" health care plans from taxes.

Excludes non-union workers from training programs.

Some wording would force workers into unions.

Again, I state, unions are the problem, not the solution as proven by the moves of companies from heavily unionized states to the South just to survive.

Read the Houston Chronicle article here

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